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Checklist of Requirements for Commission in the Reserve Force, AFP for Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Other Profession with PRC License


(Checklist of Requirements for Commission in the Reserve Force, AFP for Engineers, Architects, Accountants, and Other Professions with PRC License and Elected Officials and Presidential Appointees under Circular Nr 4 GHQ dated 5 July 2010)

A.      Original duly accomplished form for commission

B.      Whole body picture of applicant (no photo copy and computer scan)

C.      Original copy of Birth Certificate issued by NSO

D.      College Diploma authenticated by School Registrar

E.       Transcript of Records authenticated by School Registrar

F.       Basic ROTC Certificate

G.     Physical Examination Report conducted by any (Military Hospital)

H.      Command Clearance Certificate (G2, PA Clearance)

         Requirements for issuance of G2 Clearance:
            a.       PNP Clearance
            b.      Mayor Clearance
            c.       NBI Clearance
            d.      Regional Trial Court Clearance
            e.      Municipal Trial Court Clearance
             f.        Original Copy of duly-accomplished Personal History Statement and administered any Admin Officer/JAGO or notarized by a Notary Public

I.        Diploma and Transcript of Records of Master’s Degree and/or Ph. D

J.        Bio Data/Resume’

K.      Board Certificate and Board Rating/Civil Service/CESO authenticated or certified by PRC


STEP 1:   Apply Command Clearance (J2 AFP)
- Personal History Statement (PHS) with 2x2 I. D. picture, 2 copies
-- College diploma/transcript of records xerox copy (Authenticated by registrar)
-  PRC Board Certificate/License or Civil Service Eligibility (Authenticated)
- Local Clearances: One (1) original copy and 2 xerox copies
      1) Barangay Clearance
      2) Police Clearance
      3) Mayor Clearance
      4) Court Clearance (RTC)
      5) NBI Clearance
STEP 2:  (Submit in five (5) folders)
       1) Application Form (Duly accomplished)
       2) Affidavit of Non-Pending Case
       3) Bio-Data/Curriculum Vitae
       4) Full Body Picture (Post Card Size)
       5) Certification of Live Birth (Authenticated by NSO)
       6) Certificate of Employment
       7) PRC Board Certificate/License or Civil Eligibility
       8) College Diploma/Transcript of Records (Authenticated by School Registrar)
       9) Command Clearance (J2)
      10) Physical Examination Report in any Military Hospital


Would you believe Advance ROTC Graduates ends up as NCOs? For them to get the Rank of 2LT they first get to graduate from their course (most Cadet Officers graduate from advance in their 3rd Year unlike before were it was 4 years of ROTC), take their POTC before they could apply for Commissionship. In the new Circular, even POTC graduates are just given an NCO rank even when during their graduation they are P2LTs already with the 2LT insignia in their collars/shoulders!

If one plans to be an officer in the Reserves, ROTC is not just the answer. There are alternatives as follows:

1.Degree Holders (PRC Licensed) - if you are a licensed professional with Basic ROTC, you could apply and ends up with the rank from 2LT to LTC based on the specialty you got and the number of years of service for that specialty. Sometimes their ranks are even better that those who took up Advance ROTC/POTC. So guys, better focus on your studies and pass those professional exams.

2. Degree Holders (non PRC Licensed) - with Basic ROTC and needs to take the AFP battery test. I suggest newly graduates takes advantage of these since if age catches up with you that would be a problem.

3. Masteral/Doctoral Degree Holder (PRC Licensed with Thesis) - possible rank MAJ to LTC.  

4. Masteral Degree Holder (PRC Licensed / Non Thesis) - 1LT to CPT.

5. Elected Official (Barangay Kagawad to Senators) - College Graduate with Basic ROTC. 2LT to LTC.

6. Masters in National Security Administration (MNSA) - Gov't officials equivalent to Majors (AFP) can apply. I believe Private Managers (Company President) could apply but certain arrangements have to be followed. Upon graduation rank of LTC is vested.

7. Affiliated Reserves - NGO's and Support Services Corporation. If you are a private group / NGO's (fire/SAR volunteers, Radio Communication, etc), your group can be affiliated with the Reserves with the corporate Officers being Commissioned in the Reserves. A 10 - 15 days MOT (military orientation Training) will be conducted by the Reserve unit adopting you. However, I understand, all expenses are handled by the affiliating group. Your rank depends on your job and is fixed. If you resign, your enlistment goes with it. If you're promoted in your job, same goes with your rank. That's why some takes the BCMT for promotion and enlistment requirements.

For those without Basic ROTC, you could take the Basic Citizen Military Training (BCMT) conducted by the Major Services Reserve Centers. This is a 30 days training course normally held on a Saturday or Sunday. Upon graduation ranks are from Private to Sgt depending on your specialty (even PRC Licensed).

So if you have nothing to do, why not serve and share your specialty to the AFP thru the Reserves?

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