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Front View of PRC

To go to the Professional Regulations Commission (Central Office) Manila, visit the link:


By: Dindo Mojica, C.E., M.Eng, 3°

Written: May 15, 2013

If you're due to renew your PRC license soon (which means that your birthday is coming up - Happy Birthday!, and also my birthday), make sure that you won't be charged an unnecessary late renewal/penalty fee. As registered/licensed professionals, it is our duty and obligation to renew our PRC license once every three (3) years in order for us to continue to practice our own profession. To help and guide you on this process, I just want to share with you my own experience in renewing my PRC license (renewed last May 15, 2013). There is only a change, and that is the availability of the print-out of your Application for Professional Identification Card together with ID Claim Slip (which on 2010, I had need to fill it up legibly).


1. Duly accomplished renewal form (PRC ID renewal)
2. Passport-size picture: close up, colored, white background with complete name tag
3. Photocopy of your recent PRC ID card (front and back)
4. In case of LOST PRC ID card which is still current, the applicant shall submit notarized Affidavit of Loss

Affidavit of Loss format:

5. In case of DESTROYED PRC ID card, the applicant shall surrender the destroyed card


1. Go to “PRC CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER” – Operated by the PRC Cooperative and PRC Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (near the PRC entrance gate/outside of PRC Annex Building) at Window Q-S (Public Assistance Center) and a PRC personnel will give you PRC License ID Renewal form.

2. Attach a passport-sized picture with name tag and white background to the said form.

(Note: Bring your own black ballpen and paste) If you forgot to bring your passport-size pictures, there is a kiosk near the Public Assistance Center where you can have your picture taken there that cost around P80 for 4 copies of passport size pictures. Just fill up the form and paste your passport size picture.

PRC ID Renewal form with Passport size picture

3. Present duly accomplished PRC ID renewal form together with the photocopy of your old PRC license (front and back ID) to Window 13 Assessment Section (PRC Main Building Ground Floor Left Wing) and wait for your turn until your name is called at Window 17.

4. When your name is called at Window 17, the PRC personnel had just finished update your profile (via their database) and she will give you the printed form of Application for Professional Identification Card together with ID Claim Slip

 Printed form of Application for Professional Identification Card together with ID Claim Slip

5. Settle your payments at the Cashier Section (outside of PRC Main Building) at Windows 33 to 36. Window 36 is only exclusive for Professionals who are Senior Citizens, with Disabilities and Pregnant Mothers. Just fall in line and pay the Civil Engineer fee of P450. Expect long lines at the Cashier Section.

PRC Official Receipt

 printed form of Application for Professional Identification Card together with ID Claim Slip
and PRC Official Receipt

6.  Claim your PRC license as scheduled. Please refer to your claim slip (see printed form of Application for Professional Identification Card together with ID Claim Slip and PRC Official Receipt) for further instructions.

To claim your new PRC ID

*Return to the PRC Manila as scheduled:

You may claim your Professional ID after seven (7) working days at Window 24. (Just verify your Claim Slip for the schedule of the release of your PRC ID)

Claiming thru a Representative

Note: Representative with proper identification should present a Special Power of Attorney/Authorization Letter from the Registered Professional and the original claim slip. for confirmation, you may call the PRC hotline at (+632) 736-2248

Special Power of Attorney format:

*Avail of Courier Service:

PRC has accredited WWWExpress, an affiliate of DHL. There is a kiosk near the Photo Booth/Kiosk at the PRC Customer Service Center. You will accomplish their form. Just ask the courier personnel if your place can be delivered right in your homes or offices. If this is not applicable, they will ask you an alternative; to receive your new PRC ID at their pick-up centers/branches. For payments: within the Metro Manila area, just pay P80 and for Provincial areas, just pay P100.

The courier form/billing copy (initial filling up their forms)

The courier form/billing copy (the accomplished form-Customer Copy)

For delivery, just wait for the schedule given by WWWExpress, just wait for about a day or two. For pick-ups, just call their hotline or call their nearest pick-up center in your home/work place to know if your PRC ID is at their pick-up center.

Duration: more than 2 hours transaction time (start time: 8:05 am)

Still, I'm waiting for my new PRC ID to be picked-up.......


Now, its time to pick-up my new PRC ID.


1. Visit WWWExpress website at to trace your PRC ID.

WWWExpress Interface

2. Enter your Airway Bill Number

Note: Please see your WWWExpress Receipt/Courier Form/Billing Copy
The Airway Bill Number is located near the Bar Code

Enter Airway Bill Number

3. First Attempt: Not ready to pick-up

Note: I'd visited the WWWExpress website last May 31, 2013 and my PRC ID is not yet released.

Not ready for pick-up

Note: a WWWExpress/DHL staff will send you a SMS/text that your PRC ID can be pick-up at their Drop Center

4. Second Attempt: PRC ID ready to pick-up

Note: I'd received a text message from a WWWExpress staff that my PRC ID had arrived last June 5, 2013 and recently visited WWWExpress website for confirmation.

Ready to Pick-up

Date picked-up: June 7, 2013

Note: I had picked up my package at

DHL ROSARIO Drop Center Branch
Room 17 Old Administrative Building
Cavite Export Processing Zone
Rosario, Cavite

Contact Details: (046) 971-0449



The package details:

Package (Front)

Package (Back)

 Receiving Copy (also your Billing Copy)

 WWWExpress DFA/NSO Flyer


 Package contents

 Package contents

Package contents includes the following:
(Please check the following)
  1. Receiving Copy (also your Billing Copy)
  2. WWWExpress DFA/NSO Flyer
  3. Your new PRC ID

At last, I'd picked up my new PRC ID at WWWExpress/DHL Drop Center Rosario, Cavite Branch.

My new PRC ID

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