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CENTERS (Directory)


By: Dindo Mojica, C.E., M.Eng, 3°

A good review center program should be viewed by the students as a wise investment in passing the Civil Engineering Board Examinations. CE students/graduates must pay for the skills and knowledge of licensed civil engineer lecturers who have a special study of the CE licensure examination types and contents as prescribed by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

By means of lectures, techniques and demos, lecturers/reviewers pass their wisdom along to reviewees. The ability of a review center to increase the reviewees’ chances of success depends on the review center’s program. Review centers aid and assist students for better chances of passing the licensure exams. Usually, this kind of review method will only be effective if the student/reviewee will do his/her part.


Map of CE review centers located at Sampaloc, Manila

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As of March 2013, there are 6 review centers that cater CE students from colleges and universities within the Metro Manila area and neighboring provinces/regions.




Note: Morayta Street is now known as Nicanor Reyes Street

Morayta corner R. Papa St. (turn right)

Going to Review Innovations (R. Papa St. via Morayta St.)

FEU Gym (R. Papa St. )

 Going to Review Innovations (R. Papa St. via Lepanto St.)

Going to Review Innovations (CMFFI Bldg. 2 Gate, R. Papa St.)

Review Innovations Office (GF, CMFFI Building 2)

Review Innovations Office (GF, CMFFI Building 2 Source: Facebook)


Going to Recto (from University of the East)

Morayta Street corner Recto Avenue
Going to MegaReview (turn left-Recto;turn right-National Book Store)

YellowCab Morayta corner Recto
(Going to MegaReview)


( via Montasco:)

 MegaReview (JPD Building Entrance, Recto Ave.)

 MegaReview Office (2F JPD Building, Recto Ave.)


Espana Avenue view at P.Campa Covered Foot Bridge

Espana Place and Dona Amparo Building

 P. Campa St. Covered Foot Bridge

 Besavilla Review (2F, Concepcion Villaroman Building)

 Besavilla Review Office (2F, Concepcion Villaroman Building)

 Experts Review - 4F Espana Place
Esplana Review - 2F, Dona Amparo Building
Success Review - 3F, Dona Amparo Building

 Entrance at Dona Amparo Building
(via Tolentino Street)

Dona Amparo Building

Esplana Review Office (2F Dona Amparo Building)

Esplana Review Office (2F Dona Amparo Building)

Success Review Office (3F Dona Amparo Building)

Espana Place (Laboda Building)

Experts Review Office (4F Espana Place)
(Image courtesy of Engr. Garry Alviento, center)

A view via St. Thomas Square

(Sort according from oldest to youngest)


Commonly Called: Besa

Besavilla Review Center, formerly called Besavilla Engineering Review Center was the oldest review center (32 years) for civil engineering up to now. It was founded by Engr. Venancio I. Besavilla, Jr. at Cebu City on 1980 and expanded its operations in Manila and other key cities in the country (Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos City and Davao)


Review Program: 270 + hours of intensive lectures where basic engineering principles and theories are discussed, along with samples to recent board problems, simplified so that reviewees are able to cope with present type of licensure problems.

Refresher Program: 144 + hours of problem solving to familiarize reviewees in different approaches to solve problems based on recent board exams and problems involving the latest topics introduced by the PRC.

There is a pre-board examination wherein reviewees are required to take, patterned after the actual licensure examination, to better prepare students in taking the actual licensure exams.

Source: Brochures (2003, 2006, 2010, 2013)

Coaching – inclusive of three days hotel accommodation, meals and personalized coaching before the actual board exams.

Tuition Fee: (prices may change without prior notice)

Review Fee: P6,000
Refresher: P6,000
Coaching Fee: P4,000

Student Privileges:
Free review and books to:
  1. Honor Graduates (Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude)
  2. Current PICE/ACES President (Must Enroll with at least 10 students from the same school)
For more information on exact price, promos, and available schedule, please contact:

The Registrar
873 2nd Floor Concepcion-Villaroman Bldg., P. Campa St. corner España Avenue, Sampaloc Manila 1008
(near Morayta overpass, with 7-11 store, fronting St. Thomas Square)
Phone: (02) 736-0966/ (02) 788-0800
Mobile: 0922-899-9933/0999-152-5770


Commonly Called:Success/Padi

In 1997, Engr. Perfecto B. Padilla, Jr. saw the need for a center that will provide CE graduates an honest to goodness review. He saw the need of the Academe and the Industry for one that will unleash the hidden abilities of graduates and hone them to perfection. That gave birth to Padilla Review Center (now Success Review). 

It has branches in Manila, Cebu, Baguio and Davao. Engr. Padilla himself is teaching most of the subjects. Understanding of subject matter was made simplest by Engr. Padilla’s unconventional and non-bookish approaches and strategies. They advocate honest review, which in line with their noble objective of producing engineers of character and dignity.

  • Best Managed Civil Engineering Review Center by International Management Excellence Award (Asia-Pacific) Year 2006
  • Most Outstanding Review Center by Philippines Excellence Award Year 2006


Regular Review:

  • Principle-Based Review – formulas to be memorized; with the amazing techniques developed by Engr. Padilla. You’re going to memorized only 30 instead of more than 500 formulas which you to memorized if you’re not enrolled with them.
  • Comprehensive exams – exam generated questions are utilized to familiarize the reviewees to the randomness of the actual board exam conditions.
  • Group Study – attended by their instructors to facilitate understanding of lessons

Refresher Course:
  • Discussion of Survival Techniques
  • Simplified Solutions
  • Option-Perceptions

Ultra-Magnetic Review:

Includes lectures made easy to understand the most fundamental concept and principle

Tuition Fee: (prices may change without prior notice)

Regular Review: P4,500

Refresher: P4,500
UltraMagnetic Review: P2,500

Student Privileges:

  • Free tuition Fee for honor graduates, National Quiz finalist and organization presidents
  • Discounted tuition fee for organization officers, quizzers, group of five or more enrollees.

Source: Brochure (2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2013)

For more information on exact price, promos, and available schedule, please contact:

The Registrar

Success Review Center
Rm 314 3F Dona Amparo Building, G. Tolentino St. Cor. Espana Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila
Mobile: 0943-288-6932/ 0915-805-6695/
0933-352-4116 - Ms. Vicky Padilla
0943-288-6932 - Ms. Weng Padilla-Lentejas
Facebook Like Page):
Facebook Friend: (Padilla Ace Manila)


Commonly Called: Experts, Semana

Experts CE Review Center was renamed Semana CE Review Center on October 2013 and founded by former Experts CE Review Center founders Engr. Roma Semana and Engr. Garry Alviento.


Experts stand for Excellence in Professional Engineering Review and Training Solutions. It was founded on 2005 (incorporated) by Engr. Mervin Cereno and Engr. Garry Alviento (former review lecturers of Padilla Review Center) together with other Mapua instructors. They have produced 25 out of 32 reviewees on their first batch last November 2004 CE board exams.


CE Review Experts is an educational institution founded with the mission of preparing Civil Engineering graduates in taking the CE Licensure Examination hosted by the Professional Regulation Commission every May and November.


We are proven to consistently produce topnotchers and high passing percentage every year! Whether you want to TOP the board exam or you think that you have a weak foundation on the basics of Civil Engineering or whatever your case may be, COME TO US. We will work something out!

  • They have manageable class size in well-kept rooms
  • They provide free lecture booklets
  • They have friendly and accommodating team of professional lecturers
  • They give scheduled exams to monitor/track the students’ progress. Records can be made available upon request.
  • They give free consultations and conduct group studies for more personal attention
  • They simulate the real board exam by way of giving comprehensive tests based on trend analysis.
  • They have organized and on-time review schedules
  • They have longer review and refresher programs
  • They value ethics and hard work.

Their formula of success:
  • Hardwork – they hone the talents and skills of students by interactive lectures and rigorous drills and tests
  • Integrity – they inculcate and observe professional ethics to better prepare our students’ intellectually and morally
  • Commitment – they’re calling is to be of service – not to exploit, not to confuse, not to brag, but to be humble and steadfast
Source: Brochures (2005, 2007, 2009)

Tuition Fee: (prices may change without prior notice)

Review: P5,000

Refresher: P5,000
Review and Refresher Package: P8,000 (group enrollees); P9,000 (solo)

For more information on exact price, promos, and available schedule, please contact:

The Registrar

CE Review Experts, Inc.
4F España Place 1139 España Blvd. corner Adelina St., Sampaloc , Manila
(Beside McDonald's Padre Campa St.)
Phone: (02)734-6451
Mobile: 0917-937-7368/0922-323-2434
Engr. Garry Alviento: 0927-390-5542
Email/Facebook Account:
Facebook Like Page:
Facebook Friend:


Commonly Called: R.I.

In September 2005, after handling review classes at Besavilla Engineering Review Center – Manila for two decades, Engineers Wilfredo Y. Andales, Jose Alfredo Escoto, Jr., Ananias C. Gloria, Jr., Ramon Guevara and Ariel P. Santos decided to form a review center that will be more responsive to the students’ needs. Armed with a full grasp of the intricacies of the trade, they envisioned a center that will truly address the students’ problems and inadequacies.

Thus, Review Innovations was born. Pooling their resources and banking on their experience, these 5 review instructors went full throttle to establish a review center that will provide the students the best preparation for the licensure examinations. Their vast experience was invaluable; their desire to serve the students’ better made them indefatigable to them, the students’ welfare should always be top priority. It has branches in Cebu (tie-up with Gillesania Engineering Review and Training Center) and Davao.

  • Highly competent and dedicated full-time instructors with unmatched review training experience
  • Review program that is attuned to the changing times
  • PowerPoint-aided lectures using state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment
  • Weekly evaluation exams plus mid and final pre-board examinations to ensure that the students are keeping in pace with the lectures
  • Greatest number of review hours

Sterling record of excellence
  • A record breaking debut – 27 topnotchers in their first batch of CE board examinees under the tutelage of RI instructors (CE board Nov 2005)
  • A record high of 44 board topnotchers in a single board exam (CE Board Nov 2006)
  • Garnering 9 out of the top 10 places (a total of 28 topnotchers) in the Nov 2008 CE board exam
  • Garnering 9 out of the top 10 places in May 2009 board exam
  • Garnering 14 out of 20 topnotchers in the November 2010 board exam

Source: Brochures (2006, 2007, 2009, 2013)

Tuition Fee: (prices may change without prior notice)

Review: P5,000

Refresher: P5,000
Review and Refresher Package: P8,000

For more information on exact price, promos, and available schedule, please contact:

The Registrar

Review Innovations, Inc.
CMFFI BLDG. 813 R. Papa Street. Sampaloc, Manila
(near UE-Manila Lepanto gate, in-front of PSBA-Manila and near FEU gymnasium)
Phone: (02)734-8467, (02)735-9161
Mobile: 0919-227-9194, 0922-894-9161
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Facebook Friend:

Note: CMFFI stands for Colegio Medico – Farmaceutico de Filipinas Incorporada (a building for Philippine Pharmacists Association)


Commonly Called: Mega

On May 2008, Dr. Amelia T. Marquez founded Megareview and Tutorial Center.

Her Profile:

Review President
BSCE / Master in Construction Management, UE
Graduate School Professor (MSCE , MCM)
Resource Speaker, Construction Manpower
Dev’t Foundation (throughout the Phils.)
CE Professor, Veteran CE Reviewer
Thesis and Dissertation Panel Member/ Adviser
Board of Director, PICE – LNM Chapter (2007 – 2008)
Secretary, PICE – LNM Chapter (2008 – 2011)
Project Engr . / Structural Engr. / Consultant


Master in Mathematics ,UE
MSCE Structural Engineering Candidate,
De La Salle University
Advanced Placement Calculus Instructor, Saudi
Aramco, KSA
CE Professor, Veteran Reviewer

Mission – Vision:

The MEGAREVIEW and TUTORIAL CENTER will be the review center of choice for the best and brighter future civil engineers who seek exceptional, educational, review opportunities both in theory and practice.

Guided by its mission, the MEGAREVIEW and TUTORIAL CENTER is committed to prepare future Civil Engineering professionals towards the full realization of our enduring core values-engagement with our society, provision of affordable and outstanding engineering review program, continuous improvement of technical know-hows and practical applications, and utilization of best instructors to lead the reviewees in critical problem solving techniques.

To serve our reviewees by teaching them the "proper mental, physical, and spiritual" preparation during the review and inculcating the values of commitment to excellence in teaching, professional relations, and respect for one another.

  • The calculator techniques were exclusively developed by Engr. Romeo Q. Tolentino, one of the review lecturers of Megareview. “Caltech” as they fondly called, these are techniques that use to solve problems like Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Flexural and Shearing Stresses in Beams and many more using the PRC-approved Casio FX-991ES/ES Plus calculator. Caltech simplifies the problem solving methodology using that calculator with speed and accuracy.
  • Manageable class size to personally monitor the students’ needs and progress.
  • Equal treatment of students whether they are graduates of exclusive schools or not
  • Family-oriented approach to students (a very warm culmination and relation to everyone)
  • Conduction of free consultation and group studies for more personal attention
  • Air-conditioned and well-lighted rooms for conducive study experience
  • Experience their one-on-one review rudiments
  • Conducts spiritual upliftment activities on students before taking the actual exams

Source: Brochure (2013)

Student Privileges (Exclusive):

Review and Refresher for Honor Graduates, Quizzers, with Distinction, PICE/ACES President - just pay P2,000

Tuition Fee: (prices may change without prior notice)

Review: P6,000

Refresher: P6,000
Review and Refresher Package: P10,000 (includes Coaching)

For more information on exact price, promos, and available schedule, please contact:

The Registrar

MegaReview and Tutorial Center
Room 206 2F JPD Building
1955 C.M. Recto Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila
entrance of building: see Recto Food Terminal/Recto Arcade
(near YellowCab and Morayta Exhibit Center)
Phone   (02) 615-7559
Mobile:  0999-521-1652
Facebook Like Page:
Facebook Friend:


Commonly Called: Esplana

Esplana Engineering Review Center was the youngest review center (up to now). It was founded on November 2011 by Engr. Dindo F. Esplana, May 2001 CE Board First Placer of Mapua Institute of Technology, a former lecturer of Experts Review Center, and reviewed at Besavilla and Padilla. Majority of the CE subjects are conducted by himself.

Services Offered:  
  • One (1) week free trial – you may attend his review classes for free within a week (seat-in)
  • No Reservation Fee

To help aspiring civil engineers achieve high pass marks in the licensure examination by imparting a wide and thorough knowledge in all mathematics and civil engineering subjects, by offering radical, straightforward, and shortcut methods in problem-solving; and by inculcating effective review habits.

To revolutionize the prevailing system for CE board review in the Philippines through newly-devised strategies in problem solving and unconventional approaches in teaching.

Company Overview

Esplana Engineering Review Center is the brainchild of Engineer Dindo Francisco Esplana in his advocacy to revolutionize the board exam review system for aspiring civil engineers by discarding obsolete and antiquated methods in teaching. It is an offshoot of his astounding achievement in the May 2001 CE Licensure Exam where he copped First Place with an unprecedented 98.5%, a feat that etched his name in board exam history. Moreover, his almost decade-long experience as an unconventional mathematician-lecturer makes him the foremost authority in CE board review.

Unlike most review centers which are highly profit-oriented but which thrive on outdated pedagogical techniques, Esplana Engineering Review Center values quality and service over monetary gains as signified by its free trial review program which gives reviewees leeway to choose the best. This allows them to discover for themselves the effectiveness of the radical techniques for solving algebraic to project management problems.

The center envisions not only to help hopefuls to hurdle the board exam with superior pass marks through coaching, performance-monitoring, and mock-board exams, but also to equip them with practical knowledge they can utilize when they eventually enter the field industry.

Tuition Fee/Promos: (prices/promos may change without prior notice)
  1. P2,000 (Review and Refresher Package) – for all Presidents of CE Organizations
  2. P2,000 (Review and Refresher Package) – for quizzers/medallist/with honor
  3. P8,000 (Review and Refresher Package) – for fully-paid students only

For more information on exact price, promos, and available schedule, please contact:

The Registrar
Esplana Engineering Review Center
Room 204-205, 2F Dona Amparo Building, G. Tolentino St. Cor. Espana Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila
Phone: (02) 384- 2399
Mobile: 0916-167-7070/0932-380-1152
Email: /
Facebook Like Page:
Facebook Friend:


The information herein in this blog post is based on the past and present brochures of the mentioned review centers. Prices, Promos and Review Schedules are subject to change without prior notice; please contact your preferred review center. The author hopes that this blog will be a big help to CE students/graduates for searching their preferred review center of their choice.

The author does not intend to (personally) endorse any of the mentioned review centers. His objective is to inform and update the Civil Engineering students on the existence of review centers in Sampaloc, Manila. The author tried his best to make a directory on where the Civil Engineering students/graduates can choose their preferred review center to enrolled on, based on their own free will and act.

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